Upgrade, Maintain, and Support for the Housing Integrated Management System (HIMS)

Our project, contracted by the National House Department, focused on enhancing the Housing Integrated Management System (HIMS) over a 36-month period. The objective was to upgrade, maintain, and support this critical infrastructure, ensuring seamless and efficient operation. 

Utilizing a robust stack of technologies, including PHP, Laravel, MySQL, Vue.js, Ubuntu Linux, and JavaScript, our team delivered a comprehensive overhaul of the system. The use of Laravel and PHP ensured a robust and scalable backend, while Vue.js and JavaScript provided a responsive and user-friendly frontend. MySQL’s reliable database management capabilities were pivotal in handling extensive data securely. The deployment on Ubuntu Linux guaranteed stability and security.

The outcome was a significant improvement in system performance and user experience. Our commitment to quality and innovation was evident in every aspect of this project, reaffirming our position as a leader in technology solutions for public services.

Upgrade, Maintenance, and Support for the Competency Assessment System

Our pivotal project with the Public Services Commission of Malaysia spanned 36 months, focusing on upgrading, maintaining, and supporting their Competency Assessment System. This high-critical, data-intensive application serves as an online assessment platform for government service job applicants, handling a vast database with utmost efficiency and security.

The technology stack employed in this project included PHP, MySQL 8, and Ubuntu Linux, ensuring a robust and reliable system. PHP provided a flexible and powerful scripting language for the backend, while MySQL 8 offered advanced features for efficient data management, crucial for handling the large-scale database. The use of Ubuntu Linux ensured a secure and stable operating environment.

This project significantly enhanced the system’s performance, offering a seamless and user-friendly experience for applicants. Our expertise in handling data-intensive applications was instrumental in the successful execution of this project, showcasing our commitment to delivering high-quality technological solutions in public sector recruitment.

Upgrading and Supporting the Federal Land Management and Estate Distribution System (MyeTaPP)

Our 16-month project for the Energy and Natural Resources sector focused on the enhancement and support of the MyeTaPP system, a pivotal enterprise-grade solution for land management, distribution, land and asset transfer. This high-critical, data-intensive application required a comprehensive approach given its huge database and legacy system status.

We employed a sophisticated technology stack, including Oracle, Java, Servlets, JSP, Apache Web Server, Tomcat Container, and Tomcat mod_jk, all operating on a Linux environment. The integration of Oracle and Java provided a robust platform for managing the extensive data and complex transactions. The Apache and Tomcat combination ensured reliable and scalable web serving capabilities.

The project involved cleaning up and modernizing the existing, poorly maintained codebase, transforming it into a more efficient, secure, and user-friendly system. Our team’s expertise in handling legacy systems and our commitment to using advanced yet suitable technologies were crucial in revamping this critical land management system, demonstrating our ability to deliver high-quality solutions in complex, data-driven environments.

Integrated Enforcement Management System (IEMS)

Our collaboration with the Ministry of Domestic Trade and Cost of Living spanned 15 months, aimed at developing the Integrated Enforcement Management System (IEMS). This high-critical, data-intensive enterprise system was designed to empower enforcement agencies in addressing the rising cost of living and in the eradication of malpractices concerning subsidized and controlled goods.

The technological backbone of IEMS comprised Laravel and Yii frameworks, PHP for backend development, Tableau for advanced reporting, RESTful APIs for seamless integration, MySQL for database management, and Linux for a stable and secure operating environment. The use of Laravel and Yii frameworks ensured a robust, scalable platform capable of handling complex workflows and large data sets. Tableau’s integration enabled advanced data visualization and reporting capabilities, essential for informed decision-making in enforcement activities.

Our project significantly enhanced the efficiency and effectiveness of enforcement operations. The system facilitated streamlined processes, better data management, and insightful reporting, thereby playing a crucial role in combating malpractices and contributing to the stability of the cost of living. This project showcased our expertise in delivering high-quality, impactful solutions in the public sector.

Upgrade, Maintain, and Support for OSC 3 Plus Online

Our 36-month project with a local government department focused on the upgrade, maintenance, and support of OSC 3 Plus Online, an electronic system designed for the processing and submission of applications related to progress control. This project was pivotal in standardizing procedures for planning, building plans, and land development applications in line with the National Land Code 1965 (Act 172) and the Drainage, Roads, and Buildings Act 1974 (Act 133).

We employed a powerful tech suite comprising Laravel, JQuery, JavaScript, PHP, RESTful APIs, MySQL, and Linux. Laravel offered a secure, high-functioning framework, with JQuery and JavaScript enhancing user interactivity. PHP and REST APIs ensured efficient backend operations and data integration. MySQL provided reliable database management, while Linux guaranteed a stable, secure environment.

This project significantly streamlined application processes within the local government, ensuring compliance with national codes and acts. It demonstrated our expertise in creating and managing complex, regulation-compliant electronic systems, highlighting our commitment to technological excellence and public sector support.

Development, Maintenance, and Support of the Online Medication Supply System (ORX)

Over a period of 2 years, we collaborated with Rasmi Medipharma to develop, maintain, and support their Online Medication Supply System (ORX). This e-commerce platform was designed to streamline the process of drug ordering and delivery.

Our technological approach included the use of Cache Intersystems for advanced database management, Laravel framework for robust application development, JQuery and JavaScript for an interactive user interface, PHP for effective server-side scripting, MySQL for reliable data storage, and Linux for a secure and stable operating environment. 

The ORX system represents a significant advancement in the online pharmaceutical industry, offering a seamless, efficient, and user-friendly platform for ordering and delivering medications. This project underscores our commitment to integrating cutting-edge technology in e-commerce solutions, enhancing the efficiency and reach of healthcare services.

Development, Maintenance, and Support of the E-SSDL System

Our three-year project with the Nuklear Malaysia Agency focused on developing, maintaining, and supporting the E-SSDL system, a specialized solution for managing OSL (Optically Stimulated Luminescence) and TLD (Thermoluminescent Dosimeter) devices. This system was designed to streamline the supply, collection, and management of these critical devices used in radiation monitoring.

The E-SSDL system provides comprehensive reporting on radiation doses for both human safety and environmental monitoring. OSL dosimeters, known for their passive capabilities, accurately measure cumulative radiation doses, which are essential for ensuring safety in areas with radiation exposure.

Our role in this project encompassed the full spectrum of system development, from initial conceptualization to ongoing support and maintenance, ensuring the system’s reliability and effectiveness in monitoring and reporting radiation levels. This project highlights our commitment to delivering advanced technological solutions in the field of nuclear safety and environmental monitoring.

Development, Maintenance, and Support of the Loyal Service Award Management System (AKS)

In a 15-month project for TNB – National Energy Limited, we focused on the development, maintenance, and support of the Loyal Service Award Management System (AKS). This system forms an integral part of the human resource management framework, dedicated to recognizing and managing records of long-serving staff.

Our technology stack for this project included .NET 6, Blazor, MS SQL, Windows Server, GitHub, C#, JavaScript, web services, and AWS Cloud. .NET 6 and Blazor were instrumental in building a robust and scalable application, while MS SQL provided reliable data storage and management. The use of Windows Server ensured a stable operating environment, and GitHub facilitated efficient code management. C# and JavaScript were key for backend and frontend development, respectively, with web services enabling seamless integrations. The deployment on AWS Cloud ensured high availability and scalability.

The AKS system featured a complex and comprehensive smart algorithm for staff selection and screening, ensuring a fair and efficient process. It also included management features for the AKS Award event and comprehensive reporting capabilities. This project showcased our expertise in creating sophisticated HR systems that combine advanced technology with user-centric design.

E-Insolvency Mobile Application

Our team embarked on a transformative 2-year project with the Malaysia Insolvency Department, focusing on upgrading, maintaining, and supporting their E-Insolvency mobile application. This enhanced app provides streamlined access to bankruptcy records and online payment services, utilizing a cutting-edge technology stack including Spring Boot, Java, Flutter, and more.

Key features of the upgraded application include a streamlined process for searching and retrieving bankruptcy records, a secure online payment gateway, a user-friendly interface, and enhanced performance and stability. These improvements have significantly boosted efficiency in accessing bankruptcy information, provided convenient and secure online payment solutions, and improved user experience for all stakeholders.
The project targets individuals and businesses seeking bankruptcy information, insolvency practitioners, legal professionals, and government agencies involved in insolvency proceedings. The impact of this upgraded application is far-reaching, streamlining insolvency processes, promoting transparency, and enhancing the overall efficiency of the Malaysia Insolvency Department.

Our marketing highlights for this project focus on its use of advanced technology for improved performance and scalability, a user-centric design ensuring a seamless experience, robust security measures for data protection, and comprehensive support and maintenance services ensuring ongoing success. This project is a testament to our commitment to technological excellence and customer satisfaction in the realm of government services.

E-Pengembangan - Agricultural Web Portal Project

Our two-year project with the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Security, Malaysia, was focused on creating E-Pengembangan, a comprehensive web portal dedicated to advancing the agricultural sector. Developed using WordPress, Elementor, MySQL, Linux, and Apache Web Server, this portal is designed as a central hub for information, resources, and education, aimed at empowering farmers and industry stakeholders.

Key features of the portal include an engaging and informative interface showcasing agricultural initiatives, an integrated e-learning platform, a blog with regular updates on the sector, and comprehensive information on government services and support programs. The portal offers enhanced access to agricultural knowledge and resources, e-learning opportunities tailored for farmers and industry professionals, and facilitates collaboration and knowledge exchange within the agricultural community.

Targeting farmers, agribusiness professionals, government agencies, educational institutions, and the general public interested in agriculture, E-Pengembangan is set to transform the sector. Its user-friendly interface, tailored content, integrated e-learning platform, and updated resources make it a key tool in fostering innovation, promoting sustainable practices, and contributing to the growth and prosperity of Malaysia’s agricultural sector.
This project underscores our commitment to leveraging technology for educational and developmental purposes, offering a versatile platform that bridges the gap between government services and the agricultural community’s needs.

Single Sign-On Solution for Hospital Pengajar UPM

We embarked on a year-long project to implement a Single Sign-On (SSO) solution for Hospital Pengajar UPM, a government hospital. Utilizing technologies like Keycloak, Java, Nginx, Linux, LDAP, and RESTful Web Services, our goal was to simplify and secure access to various applications and services within the hospital.

This SSO solution enables users to authenticate once and gain access to multiple applications without the need for repeated logins, greatly enhancing user experience and efficiency. Keycloak, a modern open-source identity and access management solution, played a crucial role in managing user identity and ensuring secure authentication. Java and RESTful Web Services provided the backbone for seamless integration of various hospital systems, while Nginx and Linux ensured a robust and reliable platform for the SSO solution.

By implementing this SSO system, we significantly streamlined the process of accessing multiple applications for hospital staff, reducing login redundancies and enhancing security. The project highlights our commitment to delivering advanced and user-friendly technological solutions in healthcare settings, improving operational efficiency and data security in critical environments.